Responsive Web Design

According to statistics over 60% of the population has a much Smarthphone and connects to the Internet every day from their mobile phone , from home, work , metro , bus … The tailor your website to mobile and tablets is essential and more if we look to the future, where this trend is going to more .


If you look at the statistics of visits for Google Analytics to see visits from mobile phones and tablets have experienced tremendous growth . You have only to look around and surely you see someone tinkering from your mobile phone . So, show your content efficiently in such devices seems fundamental and indispensable to adapt the mobile web .


Not an easy task . Adapted to the mobile web is a laborious and difficult task for the wide variety of devices, browsers, operating systems … the world. It is not easy , not cheap but it is a necessary to pick fruit in the future and in the times investment.


More and more people are buying through mobile because it is convenient, efficient … and impulsive. You can not miss that opportunity . Electronic commerce over mobile is here to stay . Do not miss out on the train and think about adapting to mobile web


Keys to adapt to mobile web :

  • Simplicity: . In a mobile you have a finger and a small screen for browsing only . Highlights the primary of your website.
  • Relevant Information: neither the user nor the momeno is the same as surfing the web . Place only the information needed by the user.
  • Sufficient size : the fingers and not use a mouse , the buttons … must be of sufficient size
  • Indicates your phone: so that if the customer will come doubts at the time of purchase you can call without losing impulsivity.
  • Indicates the steps remaining to complete the purchase : the customer to see and know what you have left to reach the end.