Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the set of techniques used to attract more traffic to a website by search engines. Search engine optimization is different from PPC or pay per click model since Google or Yahoo! rankings through search engine optimization is achieved by improving the content of a website , structure, navigation , links from other sites and links to mainly elsewhere .


Chances are that your company already has a web site that promotes your products and services but is not exploiting the potential of visitors and potential customers that can attracted to your website using search engine optimization . Most websites get less 1,000 visitors per month , can receive thousands of visitors interested in your business . Through our services your website can be found at the top in the search engines, without having to pay based on traffic generated.


In Alfred Web Design Studio  we are specialists in SEO , we can place your website at the top by optimizing the content of your site to increase the daily visits of your website which came become potential customers for your business.