Microsite and Landing Page Design

The microsites are promotional web pages  created to provide a specific product or service via a web page. It is a good business strategy suited to complement the website of the company.


In a microsite , web design is key . You must create a stunning web design  to transmit the values ​​of the product , service or promotion quickly .


The microsites are usually for limited duration and usually linked to a particular promotion . Choosing a good domain is crucial for  a rapid microsite positioning on search engines.


An important difference between a microsite and Landing pages is that landing pages are not designed for positioning in search engines like Google . Strategies to attract customers to the landing pages is done by :

  • Sponsored ads or pay per click (PPC ) and Google Adwords ads that directly redirect to this landing page .
  • Using QR codes
  • By sending newsletters.


Finally , the landing pages consist is a single web page that is designed to generate a significant visual impact and optimized to obtain the best results in terms of conversion and immediacy in customer response .