WordPress Web Design

The web design with WordPress is a very interesting solution for customers who do not want to spend too much on the design of their website .


What is WordPress: WordPress is a free software solution based on templates that enables the creation of web pages in a fast , quick and yet colorful. All supported by a community of web developers who continually make improvements , features on its web platform … and more affordable than custom development cost .


Why do your web design in WordPress:

  1. Economic: With minimal investment you can have a website in colorful , attractive and highly functional WordPress.
  2. Self- Manageable : You can change the content , both text and photos, create new sections, change the appearance (colors, menus) …
  3. Easy to use administration panel of the website in WordPress is very intuitive and easy to handle. No programming knowledge is necessary to manage content .
  4. Scalable : Your WordPress can grow as your business grows. Modify page , make new paragraphs … You can create any type of website .
  5. Plugins: many small programs ( for sending newsletters, news, photos , calendars …) and prepared in minutes to include them on your website in WordPress.
  6. Large Developer Community : Due to their popularity there is a large community of developers who are adding new features all kinds of themes and plugins to enhance WordPress. Growth is constant and very fast.
  7. Optimized for search engines ( SEO ) . Prepared to link to your site in top positions of major search engines
  8. Multi- language : new language can easily include in your site . Do you want it in English? Or better in French or German?
  9. Multi- User : . Multiple administrators can create for each can change the contents of the web . You can give permissions to all or only to a particular thing .
  10. Free Software . Use WordPress without paying licenses. In addition , you can modify the source code and customize it easily.


In Alfred Web Design Studio we have great experience in designing web pages in WordPress, installation templates, WordPress templates adapt to the client’s corporate image and much more …